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Moovcare® helps you reduce your stress

Coping with the disease can be a complicated journey… But you are not alone. Moovcare® accompanies you at each step of the way. Thanks to Moovcare®, you are now an active player of your own health!

We know you can feel stressed, anxious, or even depressed, especially before your medical visit…This is where Moovcare® comes into action: If your doctor uses Moovcare®, he will have a constant picture of your health status between visits.

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Everything you need to know about lung cancer

This brochure has been created especially for lung cancer patients, and seeks to help you and your family understand the disease through clear and understandable information.
In this educational brochure, you will find the answers to the most basic questions about the disease and will be able to approach the question of lung cancer as calmly as possible. It will help you
understand the situation, assessing the risks and familiarizing yourself with the disease.

What Exactly is Lung Cancer

This introduction to Lung Cancer has been written by a health professional and will help you understand better what exactly is lung cancer, through precise knowledge. Dr Chen (PharmD) is describing the differents forms of lung cancer, as well as the different symptoms and the evolution of the disease. This will help you comprehend the disease with the help of professional yet accessible information.

Do you have questions about your rights? Patients associations can give answers or point you in the appropriate direction if you have concerns about social, administrative, or legal issues.

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