What is Moovcare® application?
Moovcare® is a medical application that needs to be prescribed by your oncologist. It will help you stay connected all the time instead of waiting for the next scheduled visit. Moovcare® application intended for use by healthcare professionals with their cancer patients for the management of symptoms experienced during the oncology treatment phase. Moovcare® includes two interfaces: one for the patient and one for the medical team. A digital questionnaire is sent each weak. and requires self reporting of symptoms related to the disease. The answers are analyzed by an algorithm and if an anomaly is detected, the treating physician is notified immediately. The physician interface includes all the answers collected from the questionnaires you complete every week so he can remotely monitor your health condition.
What should I do to start using the Moovcare® app?
Moovcare® application needs to be prescribed by your treating physician. You can check our “Contact us" page in order to contact our deployment team and see the closest health centers that are using Moovcare®.
How do I use Moovcare® app?
The application is easy to use and intuitive. It will take you only 5 minutes per week to complete the questionnaire. You can complete it anywhere, anytime at your convenience. Moovcare® application is available as a web application to be used from your computer, tablet or mobile and as a native application which can be used from your smartphone
What are the proofs that Moovcare® is working?
Moovcare application was validated in clinical studies in France and was proven to be accurate with 100% sensitivity, meaning that every time an anomaly is detected, our algorithm knows it and alerts the physician in real time, so he can intervene immediately.
How will my physician know if there is an alert?
In case of any anomaly, your physician and the medical team will receive an immediate alert. Thus, they will be able to contact you and intervene as quickly as possible.
What happens if my oncologist is on holiday? Who would manage my alerts?
Don’t worry, with Moovcare® there is always a secondary physician or a nurse as a back up. Your alerts will always be managed by a member of the medical team.
Is Moovcare free of charge?
Yes, Moovcare® is 100% reimbursed by the Social Security in France.
What are the compatible materials to use Moovcare?
MoovcareⓇ Lung v3.6 can be used on internet browsers from the following versions (ensuring SSL compatibility): Chrome 85, Firefox 80, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 4 and provided that the browsers are used on the following operating systems from versions: Android 10; Windows 7; iOS 13; OS X 10.15.
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